Bowen, McElrath & Company, LLC
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Certified Public Accountants
Corporate Woods Office Park
11285 Elkins Road Ste F-1A
Roswell, Georgia 30076-5837
(770)664-3650 Fax
A Full Service Public Accounting Firm For The Needs of Small Business

Philosophy of Practice

Our firm will never compromise its integrity to its clients, the community, or its employees.

Moral intent
It is our objective to make all decisions consistent with the highest standards and ethics of our profession.

Service to clients
The reason for our existence is to be of service to our clients.

All acts of our firm will be consistent with the highest standards and ethics of our profession.

Image and stature
We want to be a respected firm in our area.

We will provide a climate for our personnel in which to grow toward their maximum potential.

All personnel (partners as well as staff) will be provided the opportunity of continuing education.

Nature of Practice
We want to be a public accounting firm providing service in the areas of auditing, taxation, and general accounting.

We want to be a unified practice unit rather than an association of separate practices.

Our size will be determined by a combination of our ability to secure competent staff and the needs of our clients.

We will have our office in the Roswell area.

Our fees should be fair and adequate according to the complexity of the assignment.

We want to grow to meet the expanding needs of our present and future clients.

We want to generate sufficient income to enhance the stature of each partner.